Homemade muffins 3.50

Homemade bananabread 5

Toast- ‘Sonoma’white or whole wheat sour dough, turkish or fruit spelt with preserves or spreads 5

Gluten-free seeded bread toasted with preserves or spreads 6.00

Porridge with a hint of cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg, served with banana, brown sugar and honey 9.50

‘Albion’s’all natural bircher muesli with spiced strawberries, natural yogurt and honey, topped with toasted walnuts and almonds 11.00

Fresh tomato and avocado on toast, with extra virgin olive oil & sea salt 11.50

Croque Monsieur; oven toasted sandwich with leg ham, dijion and cheesy béchamel 13.50

Albion’s maple toasted muesli with nuts, dates, apricot, cranberries, and coconut 9.50

Avocado and goats fetta on rye spelt topped with free range egg, roast tomato and spinach 14.00

Scrambled eggs with parmesan and chives, sourdough toast 9.50

Poached free range eggs with bacon and sour dough toast 13.50

Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Tomato toasted sandwich with seeded mayonnaise 13.50

Eggs Benedict- two poached eggs, on sourdough with housemade hollandaise, choose leg ham, bacon, or spinach 14.00 ocean trout 17.50

Baked Eggs with Italian tomato& basil sauce and sourdough toast;

-leg ham, roast tomato and shallots OR

-garlic roasted mushrooms, roast tomato and haloumi 16.50

Corn fritters with bacon, poached egg, roast tomato, haloumi and rocket 17.00

SIDES: Bacon-4.00 tomato-3.50 mushroom-3.50 leg ham-4.00 avocado-4.00 Smoked ocean trout-6.50Spinach-3.00

We only use free range eggs and chicken



Soup of the Day served with crusty bread 10.00

Sandwiches on “Sonoma” sourdough, baguette, Turkish, rustic wholemeal or wraps

Half sandwiches available ( wraps excluded) $9.50

Seeded gluten-free available    add $1.00

Grilled chicken breast, avocado, bacon, rocket and aioli 14.50

Roasted- eggplant and tomato, with pesto, goats fetta and onion jam 14.50

Succulent, slow roasted ‘pulled’ beef  with tomato, cheddar, rocket and roasted garlic aioli   14.50

B,L,A,T Crisp bacon, fresh avocado, tomato and greens with our house made mayonnaise   13.50

Croque monsieur, hand cut leg ham, cheesy bechamel, and dijon sandwich  13.50

Spicy chicken wrap with carrot, cucumber, capsicum and salad 13.50

Homemade ravioli of roast pumpkin, goats fetta, pinenuts and spinach

in a tomato basil sauce   17.00

Warm roasted vegetable salad of beetroot, pumpkin and eggplant with tomato, goats fetta, chick peas, wild rocket and toasted sesame 16.50 –  with grilled chicken breast add $4.00

Grilled chicken and haloumi salad, cherry tomatoes, olives, spanish onion, mixed leaves,cucumber and italian dressing, 16.50

Risotto Grilled chicken breast, mushroom and spinach, 17.50

Fritters-Corn fritters with smoked ocean trout, avocado, rocket and ravigote 18.50

We only use free range chicken and eggs

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